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PhenotypIQ = Automation of Biological Quantification

At Quantiscope®, every picture is worth a thousand data points. Our PhenotypIQ® enterprise platform leverages AI to transform microscopic images into quantifiable, actionable phenotypic data, enabling a global community of researchers and regulators to develop better, faster, and safer therapies for people and planet.

What we do

Currently, phenotypic modeling is conducted via a hodgepodge of open source and commercial tools, trained on outdated and unreliable data sets, and lacking new advances in imaging and NLP AI.

We are incorporating the latest advances into plug-and-play, team-oriented dashboards to enhance drug discovery decision making throughout organizations tasked with delivering the world’s critical biologic, chemical, and genetic therapies.

How it works

Kevin Christopher, JD/MBA

Co-Founder, CEO

Juan Caicedo, PhD

Co-Founder, CIO

Andrew Gabros

Co-Founder, CDO


Quantiscope PBC is a public benefit corporation launched from the Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT, and housed at Altitude Lab in Salt Lake City. Our PBC commitments include prioritizing diversity in leadership and use of our technology for the greatest global good.

We address U.N. SDGs 3, 10, 12, 13, and 17 by reducing use of biochemical resources in drug development, limiting dependency on animal models, increasing biotech innovation capabilities across distributed teams and in developing countries, speeding and de-risking development of therapeutics, increasing safety of bio-manufactured products along supply chains, and enabling novel agricultural solutions to enhance climate resiliency.


We’re looking for beta testers of our PhenotypIQ drug discovery platform, and innovation partners for drug safety, climate resilience, and personalized medicine.

Contact us at [email protected].